I’m a Middle Eastern gal that grew up here globetrotting all of her life. I’ve camped in Petra and walked through Wadi Moussa; I’ve touched the sky at Burj Khalifa and heard the moazen from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque; I’ve driven through the streets of Riyadh (shhhhh!) and been accused of indecency by their religious police; I’ve climbed the great Pyramids, and marched in Tahrir square; I’ve haggled in Souk al-Hamidiyeh and have walked through the great Umayyad mosque; I’ve hung out with American soldiers and admired the beauty of the Pearl and Oyster fountain in Doha; and, finally, I’ve celebrated Eid al Fitr with my extended cousins in Beirut and enjoyed the Sunset at SkyBar.

This blog is intended to give you a glimpse of how my experiences, travels, and cultural encounters along with my work have contributed in defining who I am. This blog is the story of a woman who discovers herself. It is not mine alone to tell so I invite you to help me write it.

I see this space as a sanctuary for women who have chosen to join me in unveiling themselves. This is by no means a call to disrespect the hijab but instead an opportunity to appreciate the women who wear it.


10 thoughts on “Moi

  1. I appreciate you and what you are setting out to accomplish with your this blog. Blessings :)

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    I think u had a different “about me” page but not sure! :)
    Anyhow, glad to follow yr blog, neat and timely indeed.
    Fun + reflective deep thoughts as well.

  3. Debi Ni Sirideain says:

    i want to cite you and your work in my PhD dissertation, what name should i employ in my references?
    Thank you for your inspiring work.

  4. jbenbrahim08 says:

    Hi, I’ doing a Masters dissertation on citizen journalism/ bloggers, looking specifically at Egypt. Could I possibly email you some questions? Would be very grateful for your help!

  5. I’m a Belgian tv journalist travelling to Jordan on October 6 to report for a few days on situation of Syrian women in Jordan. Any help is welcome! Am looking for brave women to tell reality of their live. I do realise how difficult that is. It may be anonomous. In Zaatri, Mafras, Irbid or Amman.

  6. Tiana Mina T says:

    Hi, I would like to contact you via e-mail about my website.
    Please send me an e-mail address, if you agree of course.

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