What Needs To Be Said

The past few days have felt like a couple of seasons of the show 24, with ups and downs and shocking unexpected events.

On Tuesday, a couple of friends and I attended the Ground Zero 9/11 memorial service with Emily. The service was beautiful, heartwarming, and somber. The memorial was packed with people all there to pay tribute to those who lost their lives eleven years ago. The memorial itself was beautiful. The design, called Reflecting Absence, has two pools with man-made waterfalls that aim to symbolize loss of life and are sort of a sanctuary for those close to the victims, whose names are carved into bronze plates that form the edge of the memorial pools. Emily knew exactly where her father’s name was, and we all stood by her as she bowed her head down and said her prayers.

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The memorial service had touched each and every one of us, and we left reminded how valuable our lives are. We all had much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to. It was a weird yet almost tranquil feeling.

That feeling was unfortunately erased the next morning. I woke up to the buzzing of my phone, and a text from one of my friends telling me to check the news out of Libya. It was a whirlwind of headlines, with several about the tragic death of the US Ambassador to Libya to a horribly graphic anti-Islam movie trailer about the life of the Prophet Mohammed. It took me a few hours to grasp what I was reading and watching. Details about the attack that killed the US Ambassador are still being investigated, but initial reports were stating that the anti-Islam movie trailer was a major motivator behind the attack. After a few minutes of convincing myself, I finally decided to watch a portion of the trailer.

Here is what needs to be said:
In one word, anyone can tell that the movie is RIDICULOUS. First off, it lacks any kind of cinematographic quality. Second, it appears that names of the Prophet and the major Muslim figures have been dubbed in post-production. Third, and most importantly, the movie is produced by someone who does not understand the true principles of Islam, nor its history, nor its people, and certainly not its Prophet. The movie trailer was indeed insulting, and the fact that it was being spread around on 9/11, as most of my friends agree, is despicable, and shows that those who directed, produced, and supported it aimed to entice hatred toward Islam through ridicule and stereotyping. Sam Bacile, the director of the movie, is now in hiding. No one knows for sure if that’s even his real name.

As always I will be sure to stay on top of this story and share major updates.

Until then, here is a heartwarming collection of Libyans expressing their condolences over the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stephens..

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