Shoo Fi Ma Fi

Weekly dinners with my friends have become a tradition for me here in the US, and they are a godsend to say the very least. When I moved to the US, one of the things I missed most about being home is having a meal with my family, gossiping about what’s going on in Amman, and of course, commenting on the political issues going on around us; a topic no gathering in the Arab World can avoid bringing up! I am sure these dinners will come in handy when I need to vent about the stress caused by my classes this Fall!

Anyway, one topic we brought up during dinner this past weekend covered acronyms, and how often they are used in our texts, tweets, e-mails, chats, and even regular conversations sometimes! I remember the days when MSN messenger was so popular in Jordan, and acronyms had just started taking over the chat scene. Using LOL, OMG, or BRB made you cool. They still do I guess, except when you use them excessively (looking at you Alex!)

During the meal, as I stuffed my face with delicious lasagna, one of my friends asked me if I knew what SMH meant. I had so much food in my mouth and to maintain good table manners, I simply shook my head, causing the entire table to erupt with laughter. I unintentionally figured it out, and am now a fan of this acronym, which if you didn’t get it stands for “Shaking My Head.” I have to say this is my second favorite, next to WWJD, which stands for “What Would Jesus Do.”

I told my friends that unfortunately, no such acronyms are uniquely Arabic, and they suggested that I come up with one, and spread the word! Since the weather’s been miserable outside lately, I put on my thinking cap. There are so many dialects in the Arab World that it was hard to think of one that would apply to most of the countries. Just as I was about to give up, I got a text from my cousin Fadi in Lebanon that read:”Shoo fi ma fi” (a casual way of saying “what’s up?” in Arabic)

That was it. I had the phrase that I wanted to “acronymize” :)

From this day forward, I declare SFMF to stand for “Shoo Fi Ma Fi.” The official hashtag: #SFMF

Go forth my friends, share this great news with the world, tell your friends, and let’s make #SFMF trend on Twitter.

BRB :)


6 thoughts on “Shoo Fi Ma Fi

  1. Jemman Ammary says:

    Brillent ! Love it ! #SFMF )

  2. Jemman Ammary says:

    and how can one spread love without sharing dear …. we’ll unveil & share #SFMS … ! )

  3. I love it too! looking forward for more… :)

  4. Qasim Mahmoud says:

    Shoo fi ma fi; I like it

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