Surprisingly Beautiful Pittsburgh

I would like to start my official 4th of July trip post off with another apology, directed to the city of Pittsburgh. Honestly, initially, when my friends suggested going to Pittsburgh for the 4th, I was hesitant. I was hoping they’d go for another city, like Chicago or something. I was definitely wrong to underestimate the glory of the city, which takes you by surprise as soon as you drive out of the Fort Pitt tunnel. I was hit with a rush of excitement and amazement. The view was breathtaking, and I was so mad at my friends for not giving me a heads up to get my camera ready! Before sharing the rest of my pictures, here’s a video I found on YouTube showing you what I saw. It’s worth watching, trust me.
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Other than the fireworks and July 4th celebrations, I had the chance to explore a city with a rich culture and history.

This is the Cathedral of Learning, the tallest purely academic building in the world! It has approximately 2600 windows, most of which I guess you can see in these pictures haha.

Once you walk in, an eerie feeling comes over you. At least that’s what happened with me. Everything around me looked like it had a lot of history behind it. The architectural theme was gothic, the elevators looked like they were about to collapse, the stairs were worn down, and all the chairs and tables were purely  made out of  wood. Despite that, it seemed like the perfect studying environment :)

Seeing this note made my day, even though we couldn’t go inside and see the actual room. The note alone touched my heart! Shout-out to Syria and Lebanon!

Pictured here is the Mellon Institute, part of Carnegie Mellon University. Coolest fact about this place? The Dark Knight Rises, the Batman movie I’m counting down the days to seeing, portrayed this building as “Gotham City Hall.”

This is Heinz Chapel, located on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Looks like a beautiful place to get married doesn’t it? Apparently, you would need to reserve your spot to do so exactly a year in advance :)

I thought this random dinosaur sculpture was cool. As I was told, apparently there are many similar sculptures like this one around the city, each designed to represent the location it was placed in. This one contained letters and numbers, signifying the fact it was located on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.

I had to put another picture of this sandwich. I swear when I’m hungry sometimes, I get the urge to rent a car and drive back to Pittsburgh just to get one. My server suggested that I have a glass of Blue Moon to go with it. It’s the perfect beer for a hot summer day, perfectly sweet :)   I would definitely recommend it!

My trip to Pittsburgh was amazing. With a spectacular fireworks show, weird but yummy sandwiches, and incredible views, what’s not to love!
Now to figure out where to go next ;)

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