NYC Pride March!

A call early Sunday morning startled me. It was almost as if the sound of the phone ringing merged into whatever dream I was having. Weird. Anyway it was my friend Alex yelling, “rise and shine!” He sounded extremely excited, and his energy was enough to wake me up. He told me that he was on his way to pick me up, and that I should be prepared for an event incomparable to any other: the New York City Pride March. I got ready just in time and we headed into the city. Alex had already mapped out where he wanted to stand, and for hours I watched and listened.

Here are some highlights of what I saw, including a shot of Cyndi Lauper (first photo), who was the “Grand Marshall” of the march this year!

For the rest of the pictures in this gallery go to:
Check out my reaction to the march later this week! I need a couple of days to decompress :)


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